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Project Summary:

United Health Group developed a drug management app with the primary goal of providing clients with a tool to edit and oversee their drug history, including calculating costs. The development focused on creating a dynamic table for easy editing and cost updates, leveraging React and Telerik for enhanced functionality and styling. United Health Group followed an efficient and collaborative development process divided into three modules, each lasting approximately three months. Embracing an agile methodology, new code was deployed every two weeks, allowing client engagement, and incorporating feedback for continuous improvement. This iterative approach resulted in a final product that closely matched the client’s vision and strengthened the partnership with United Health Group.

  • Size of the Project Team:

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    Location : Minnesota but complete WFH

    • Scope of the Project:

      The scope of the project involved completing each module within a three-month deadline. Each module was designed for different clients, requiring the creation of multiple tables where calculations played a crucial role. Throughout the development process, the client introduced additional features and tasks, which had to be accommodated and completed within the original three-month timeframe. This meant that the project scope expanded dynamically, incorporating new requirements and tasks into the sprint.

      • Solution for the Issues:

        • Effective communication and regular meetings with the client are crucial for managing an expanding project scope at United Health Group. The agile methodology allows flexibility and adaptability, incorporating iterative development and frequent feedback.

        • Prioritization, planning, and collaboration ensure efficient time management and roadmap Incremental releases gather early feedback and validate features, while resource allocation is adjusted to handle additional tasks. Continuous testing and quality assurance maintain a stable and reliable application.

      • Duration Of the Project:

        The duration of the project at United Health Group is long-term, with the possibility of extending it for one year at a time. This indicates that the project is not limited to a specific timeframe but is expected to continue for an extended period. The project may undergo periodic evaluations, and upon successful completion of each evaluation, it can be extended for an additional year. This allows for ongoing development, maintenance, and enhancement of the app to meet evolving needs and requirements.

        One success story from the project involves a challenging situation that arose in December. Due to unforeseen circumstances, one teammate had to go to India for an emergency, while other team members had planned vacations. This left only one front-end developer and one back-end developer to

        handle the workload. Despite this unexpected constraint, both developers successfully managed the work and were able to meet the last-minute additional enhancement requests. They worked diligently to ensure the app was ready for the scheduled client demo in the first week of January, effectively delivering on the agreed-upon delivery date. This demonstrates their dedication, teamwork, and ability to adapt to challenging situations to ensure the project’s success.


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