Rolloverstock is a B2B marketplace providing a suite of services to empower manufacturers to focus on creating exceptional products while handling crucial business aspects. The platform facilitates bulk e-commerce sales and provides exclusive outlets for retailers to buy exclusive products.

Magik Mat

Magik Mat is an innovative educational product for children that fosters a range of essential skills through a series of captivating games centered around numbers and the alphabet. This transformative approach makes learning a delightful adventure and accommodates various learning.

My Talking Tree

My Talking Tree is an AI-integrated interactive robotic teaching assistant. It creates an immersive learning environment in educational institutions. As the ideal learning companion, it enhances diverse skill development and goes beyond textbooks through interactive lessons, captivating rhymes, and engaging stories.


QLearning is an online platform offering 1,000+ courses taught by experts. It empowers learners to build problem-solving skills and pursue diverse interests. QLearning also provides instructors with a platform to share their expertise with a global community, helping shape the next generation of problem-solvers.


Same Boat is a social network platform for influencers to create closed, colourful communities with a limited number of fans to achieve similar goals. It works like building closed communities of committed fans and followers who share the same goals and emotions. This platform allows you to connect with your devoted admirers and develop a strong fan group. Bring your dreams to life by participating and creating challenges with the best brains on the platform.

Help Desk

Helpdesk is user-friendly software that streamlines ticketing for efficient support for employees and customers. This module organizes and resolves incoming support requests, simplifying ticket management throughout your organization.


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