Federal Soft Systems is committed to
making a positive impact on society and
the environment.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects our acknowledgment
of the responsibility we bear as a leading global IT company.

Making a Positive Impact on Society
and the Environment

Our CSR efforts are focused on leveraging our expertise in technology to drive digital inclusion and
empowerment. Some highlights of our programs in the past year include:

Digital Literacy Program

Through partnerships with local schools and nonprofits, we have provided digital literacy training to many underprivileged youth and seniors across India, equipping them with essential computer and internet skills.

Healthcare Access Platform

We developed a mobile platform to provide vital health services and information to people in underserved rural and urban communities, improving prevention and increasing access to care.

STEM Scholarships

To promote education in science, technology, engineering, and math, we awarded scholarships to talented youth to pursue education throughout the country.

Social Innovation Challenges

We organized hackathons and challenges where tech startups could develop solutions for pressing social and environmental problems.

Eco-Efficiency Programs

We have taken steps to improve energy efficiency across our offices and cloud data centres. This is expected to reduce huge amount of carbon emissions annually. We have also rolled out robust e-waste disposal programs.

Growth with Purpose

Our CSR efforts focus on areas that include education, health, workforce development, environmental sustainability, and more. We are committed to growing our business responsibly, with sustainability at the forefront of our core values.

At Federal Soft Systems, we are committed to growing our business responsibly and sustainably. Our CSR efforts aim to tackle global challenges like education, health, workforce development, environmental sustainability, and more. As a leader in technology, we hope to drive innovation that creates shared value for business and society.