Federal Soft Systems Inc. is a Certified Great Place to Work – 2023 Company recognized by Great Place to Work® Institute, India.

We believe in Increasing Value Through People and ensuring the safety of our employees at all levels. We are constantly striving to create a workplace culture in which a spirit of goodwill among coworkers empowers us to achieve excellent corporate performance, career goals, and build strong relations with our employees.

Life At Federal Soft Systems Inc.



Federal Soft Systems Inc. is a Great Place to Work – 2023 Certified Company recognized by Great Place to Work® Institute, India. We are an employee-centric organization that values employees at all levels. FSS strives for excellence in all aspects of the employees and prioritizes fairness, integrity, and respect for everyone. We constantly strive to foster a workplace culture in which the spirit of goodwill among colleagues enables us in achieving exceptional company performance, fulfilling career goals, and rewarding relationships with our employees.


What We Offer!

Federal Soft Systems Inc. provides an incredible work culture to all the employees. We have a friendly work atmosphere and provide proper guidance for employees to improve significantly.

Friendly Work Culture & Environment

Our people are our greatest asset, and we work hard to make sure they have the best possible experience at work. We have an amazing work culture and maintain a friendly work environment for employees at all levels.

Flexible Work Time

We recognize that everyone has personal matters that must be dealt with. You have the flexibility to address them while remaining focused on your work. We offer flexible work schedules and a culture that values learning and development

Medical Insurance

We believe that health is more important than anything else, henceforth we provide insurance to all of our employees to ensure their safety and good health

Learning New Trends & Technologies

In addition to engaging and encouraging our employees to learn new trends and technologies, we also help them develop industry-standard expertise and competencies

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